Bota Hemp Full Spectrum Oil Review

Bota Hemp Oil Review


Product Score



  • All-natural and made from non-GMO and pesticide-free hemp.
  • Lab tested products.
  • CO2 extraction method.


  • Relatively new company. Not much history.
  • Somehwhat limited prodcut line.

About Bota Hemp

Bota hemp source their pesticide-free and non-GMO hemp plants from Colorado. These hemp plants undergo a supercritical CO2 extraction process which is used for their products that are full spectrum. In order to prove their quality like all other CBD company, their results from third-party laboratories are available on their website.

Bota Hemp focuses on a healthy lifestyle incorporated with CBD and their goal is to provide customers high-quality products for that kind of lifestyle.

Their mission includes inspiring the community to live healthier through education and the use of hemp-based products that are of high-quality. Bota Hemp is committed to providing strategies and products to help you develop yourself to have a better life with the help of industry experts, athletes, partners, and coaches.


CBD Capsules

Bota Hemp’s capsules can be easily directly ingested orally. One downside in this product is the time it takes to feel the effect since their effects are not quick enough as you might expect it to since the package that the CBD oil is encapsulated in is designed for slow release of contents in the body.

One capsule has 25mg of CBD and only contains 0.29% THC which does not cause any feeling of getting “high” or dependence. The exact amount of each capsule allows the user to have an easy way to determine the dosage during each use.

How to Use

In order to use it, just know your proper dosage and easily pop one in your mouth. Help it go down with a gulp of water. You can feel its effects about 30 minutes after taking it.

CBD Tincture Full Spectrum

The full-spectrum CBD tincture comes in three strengths which are 250mg, 500mg, and 1000 mg. You can easily choose the strength that you would need and new users can easily determine their needed strength by starting on the smallest dosage and then gradually increasing it until they reach the right amount.

The tincture is made up of hemp oil that uses coconut MCT as a base and completely natural which ensure that their are no side effects to using it. It has 0.19% of THC which is within the legal maximum amount.

How to Use

To fully enjoy the maximum effect, place one drop under your tongue and wait for the CBD to dissolve in the tissues.

This type of formulation is perfect for those who want a quick way of application and do not have time to use other methods like cream or grabbing a glass of water to take down some capsules.

Topical CBD Salve

The Topical CBD Salve can be easily used since you would only need to rub it directly to the affected area and wait for its effect. This product is perfect for those who have issues with their muscles and tissues.

One container of Topical CBD Salve has 500mg of CBD and have absolutely no THC (so you won’t become high when taking it). in order for it to be absorbed faster and have a better smell, the CBD used for the products is mixed with essential oils.

How to Use

In order to use it, just apply it directly to the affected area and wait for the CBD to do its magic.


Bota Hemp is certainly worth a try for new users or even those who have used CBD before and are looking for other options. The cannabidiol that they offer are high in quality, uses natural ingredients and are extracted using the most advanced process available.

Rest assured that the products of Bota Hemp are safe and gives you the results that you are looking for in a hemp-based product.