Pure Relief CBD Oil Review

Pure Relief Review


Product Score



  • No negative reviews to be found.
  • Affordable products.
  • Fast-acting deliverability.


  • Relatively new company. Not much history.


Pure Relief is a company producing various CBD products located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their product line includes CBD oils, topicals, and pet products. Their goal is to”offer the best CBD infused products online to customers nationwide”. The brand is still a brand and still establishing its solidity in the industry which is why there are only a few information about the reviews of others about the brand. The upside is that bad reviews are rare.

Quality Assessment

It is noted on their website that their CBD products are made with all-natural ingredients and are formulated by licensed pharmacists. They use CO2 extraction process for manufacturing their products. Although initially, the brand does meet the standards of the industry, there are only few information about the source of their hemp and its quality as well as the cultivation practice of the farms wherein they have sourced their hemp plants.

The lack of information might turn off some individuals who want to make the quality of the products that they are going to buy but this does not totally mean that their products are low in quality. We do not think of it as a negative point but as something that they should take note of and develop instead since their products actually look visually appealing to customers.

Upon observation of the tincture and single dosage applicators of Pure Relief, we can say that their products are clear and have the proper viscosity and texture. Third-party lab results can also be seen on their page.

Flavor & Dosage

The flavor of Pure Relief’s CBD oil is pleasant on the tongue as it does not have any unpleasant hemp flavor that lingers on the tongue. The taste is also consistent for the different products that they have and the flavor is light and natural which can definitely be enjoyed by the user for their needs.

Aside from the great flavor of the oil, it is also super easy to administer. The single dose syringe applicator shows the exact CBD dosage when being used which makes it easier to know and measure the exact amount needed.


Although the Pure Relief is comparatively new in the industry and does not have that much of reviews, we think that the brand is doing a good job in terms of their product line and giving the customers what they need.

The products have a satisfactory result. One thing that we would like to know more are the values of the brand and the quality measures that are in place for the production process of their products. This would be a great additional point for customers who want to make sure that the product they are taking has gone through the process that is high in standards and does not introduce any process which might affect the overall ability of their product.

In conclusion, we think that Pure Relief’s CBD tincture does a great job as it is reasonably priced and its effect can be quickly felt by the user.