Hemp Compounds

The THC content of cannabis has been the center of attention for most consumers for a long time now. The THC content of a certain strain is one of the main factors that make it more desirable for users. This demand created an over-saturation of highly potent products in the market, and now, there has been a rise of demand for products that are lower in THC and higher in another compound called CBD, which is less intoxicating than its counterpart.

Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant, but the way that they work is different and knowing that may just influence how you view these products next time you make your purchase.

What Strains That Have A High CBD Content?

Typically, cannabis usually has CBD as their second-most abundant compound but it may not always be the case on all strains of the plants. Strains of cannabis can have CBD and THC in the following ratios:

  • High THC, low CBD (e.g.,10-30% THC, trace amounts of CBD)
  • Balanced CBD/THC (e.g., 5-15% THC and CBD)
  • High CBD, low THC (e.g., 5-20% CBD, THC under 5%)

Strains of cannabis that have high CBD content usually makes its users be clear-headed and still be functional without the euphoric high that is associated with taking in strains that are high in THC. This kind of cannabis is usually preferred by users who are sensitive to the side effects associated with the usage of THC like anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness. Cannabis strains with high CD content is also a good choice for people who needs to use it as a medication to control pain, inflammation, anxiety, or other chronic conditions throughout the day.

A more euphoric effect can be felt by users who will use strains with balanced CBD and THC content compared to the strains in which the content is mostly dominated by CBD, although CBD-dominant strains will less likely make the users anxious, paranoid and feel any other negative side effects. Strains with balanced CBD and THC content are the most effective ones for the relief of pain and is also suited for consumers who are sensitive to THC but would like to experience a mellow buzz.

You can use CBD strains as you would use a THC strain. It can either be smoked or vaporized, incorporated and eat in the form of an edible, in the form of a capsule, lotion or as a CBD tincture that can be given sublingually. CBD can be seen in hemp products although this a less efficient source and would be lacking in the diversity of chemicals found in that of cannabis-derived CBD products.

What Are Medical Benefits From The Use Of CBD?

The number of conditions that can be treated with CBD is still growing as more research and studies come out. Some of the most common conditions that can be treated with CBD strains are epilepsy, seizures, pain, inflammation, PTSD, anxiety, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and opioid withdrawal.

There is a lot of clinical and anecdotal evidence that points out to the benefit of CBD in treating various conditions, but the use of CBD became famous for a type of pediatric epilepsy called Dravet’s syndrome that is very rare and debilitating to the ones affected. This condition is known for its resistance to various conventional medical treatments. People who have this disease often suffer from a lot of seizure that can sometimes rack up to a hundred per day and worsens as they age. Dravet’s syndrome can be life-threatening and the only treatment available for patients are having the children afflicted wear an eyepatch, eat specialized diets and undergo brain surgery. All of these methods have mixed rates of success.

A young girl named Charlotte was one of the famous cases regarding the use of CBD for treatment. She was given an ingestible oil that came from a strain called Charlotte’s web that was specially bred to provide benefits of the plant without getting high. At a point of fewer than two years, Charlotte who would have about 1200 number of seizure per month experienced only three when she had undergone the treatment. More stories like that have been publicized and more parents have voiced out their experience to other people, especially parents, who are desperate for life-saving treatment.

You can watch Charlotte’s story and her treatment journey using a high-CBD strain in this video.

No known adverse effects have been noted from the use of CBD. No lethal dose is also known about it but its use is still considered federally illegal. The use of cannabis-derived compounds to treat medical conditions is still a particularly sensitive material to discuss in a culture wherein cannabis is heavily stigmatized.

THC is well known for its euphoric effect but it is also important to note that this compound also has medical benefits. There are conditions that both CBD and THC can treat. Conditions that can be treated by THC particularly are nausea, loss of appetite, insomnia and many more. A lot of patients find that the balanced mixture of both CBD and THC give them the best effect during the treatment of their medical condition and this can be attributed to the synergism between the two compounds.

What Are Some High-CBD Strains Can I Check Out To Try?

One thing that we should keep in mind about CBD is that different crops and strains have different CBD levels. Below you can see some strains that are grown and bred specifically for their high levels of CBD so it may be a good place to start comparing the possible options. You can check out their map to see if some strains are being sold near you. It is also recommended that you check out the specifics of the strains, especially its CBD levels, that are available near you. Lab-test products that contain information about its own CBD and THC levels are the ones that are highly recommended to be used in order to know what kind of effects that you might experience.

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