Green Roads Full Spectrum Oil Review

Green Roads Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


Product Score



  • Trustworthy With Over 1 Million Customers
  • Third Party Lab Tested
  • They Donate A Part Of Their Revenue To Veterans' Organisations
  • Wide Variety Of Products
  • Fantastic Customer Service


  • Some say their CBD coffee can be addictive.
  • Their products are relatively expensive compared to the other popular brands

If you are looking for a quality CBD oil from a trusted brand in the US. Might as well try Green Roads, which is a brand of CBD oil that has been well-established in the USA.

A group of very good friends founded The Green Roads Company in Florida (USA) in 2011. Starting from simple operations with limited reach, the company grew and was able to become an international frontrunner in the line of manufacturing medicinals oils in just seven years.

The company has a unique process of producing CBD oil from hemp plants which utilize CO2 extraction process to extract high-grade full-spectrum cannabidiol oil. Licensed pharmacist with over twenty years of experience develops different quality products from these extracted oils. The company also sends oil extract samples to a third-party laboratory for testing. This is done to ensure the safety, potency, and reliability of the extracted oil and products that the company will send to its customers.

The Green Roads Company also provide top quality customer care service.

With the company’s quality products to its top quality customer service, they were able to grow from local production to an international production serving millions of customers reaching most countries around the world. Also when ordering online, they provide tax estimates as you checkout.

The Green Roads Company not only provides full spectrum hemp oils, but they also provide a variety of consumable products containing hemp. Not only that, the Green Roads Company is one of the international frontrunners in the production and manufacturing of hemp oil serving over a million customers. This means the Green Roads is a trustworthy company in the production of quality hemp oils. Licensed pharmacists prepare and produce the company’s product ensuring great and safe quality. Oil samples were also sent to a third-party laboratory for testing ensuring the quality, safety, and reliability of the product. The company produces a cannabis oil that will least likely to result in a positive test for a marijuana drug test.

According to the Green Roads Company, they donate a part of their earnings to a veterans’ organization. The company also has a very good customer care service and has a top-notch manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Process:

This is the process of how they make their products according to the Green Roads website.

The company starts by using high quality, non- GMO, and pesticide-free hemp plants. Then the extraction is done utilizing the CO2 extraction process to get the CBD from the hemp plant. This extraction process is said to be the best method since it produces the purest isolate that is completely chemical solvent free. The CBD extracts are then formulated by the Green Roads licensed pharmacists to make the different products that the company offers. The company indicated that they use high-quality vegetable glycerin and hemp seed oil as the base for their products. The products then undergo laboratory testing ensuring its safety and quality and then the products are packaged into finished goods and are then shipped out to reach the customers around the world.


The ingredients for each of the product from Green Roads company may vary but they make sure to use only pure hemp and vegetable glycerin and hemp seed oil as the base ingredient for their products.

Product Categories

The Green Roads offers a wide variety of products such as the following:

Oils: Green Roads offer a variety of oils ranging from 100 mg to 1000 mg strengths. They also offer daily dose shots.

Edibles: The company also offer a variety of edibles on their site which includes gummies, fruit chews, and candies to name a few. These products come in 10 to 300 mg strengths.

Bundles: The company offers product bundles to their customers. Some of these bundles are Sweet Tooth Bundle containing their edibles, Founder’s Favorite Bundle, and Mission Zero Bundle which contains products that are for relaxation and pain relief.

Capsules: The company offers its products in capsule form which come in a 750 mg strength capsule.

Terpenes: These are available in a variety of flavors and it comes in a dropper form. They also have daily doses of these available.

Pain Cream: These are topical creams that can be applied to the body and are available in different strengths.

Syrups: The company advertises this product as a sleep aid and they come in different flavor formulations.

Oils for Pets: This product is formulated for pets to get the same benefit from the oil. They sell this as King Kalm for canines and it comes in a 150 mg strength.

Concentrate: The company said that the concentrates they have are the immediate product of the extraction from hemp plants. This means that these are the immediate isolate from other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. These concentrates are available in 450 mg strength and it comes in different flavors.

Tea and Coffee: These are formulated for its calming and healing effects. The company has these in a selection of coffees, decaf coffees, and organic teas.

Reviews and Ratings

They have a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on their Facebook page which only means that they are one of the best hemp products manufacturers in the United States. Their page is full of genuine reviews for customers who are thankful for using some of their products.