Joy Organics Hemp Oil Review

Joy Organics Hemp Oil Review


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  • All CBD products are tested by third-party labs.
  • All products are grown organically, processed and manufactured in the United States.
  • Uses nano emulsion technology to increase bioavailability.
  • No additives, chemicals, metals or THC.


  • Quite pricey products.


Named after its founder, Joy Smith, Joy Organics is a family business. Joy manages it alongside with her husband Todd, and their children, Gerrid, Danielle, and Hannah with their son-in-law Josh. Joy was able to expand her business and have physical stores in Deer Park, Illinois; Austin, Texas; and Fort Collins, Colorado.

Joy created the company because she was suffering from insomnia and chronic pain and no pharmaceutical drug were able to help her condition. She opened her first CBD store in Fort Collins after a long research about the medicinal effects of CBD and with the goal of helping as many people she can with her products.

Family-run businesses are usually small and quiet but Joy Organics is definitely not one of those. They deliver all throughout the US. They ensure that their CBD products are pharmaceutical grade, organic, THC-free, gluten-free, no harsh chemicals and are legal. Joy organics uses one of the most advance nanotechnologies providing an industry level of bioavailability for their products on the market.

Why Joy Organics Hemp Tinctures Are The Deal?

You should definitely try Joy Organics CBD oil tinctures if you are looking for  CBD oils that are high in quality. Their products are safe and give effective results in a short time.

The concentration of their 1 oz tinctures come in: 250mg, 1000mg, and 1500 mg. They also come in various flavors you can choose from like Tranquil Mint, Orange, Lemon, and Natural.

Listed below is our breakdown of the benefits:


One challenge in using CBD oil is the absence of consistency since it comes from a plant which means that the compounds from each plant will differ from each batch of harvest. Although you can expect some changes due to natural factors, Joy Organics CBD Oil uses the same hemp strain for their product. The hemp plants undergo exact same procedures like the extraction ensuring product consistency in every bottle of CBD oil. The oils may have come from a different batch of harvest but the procedure of Joy Organics ensure its consistency and allows you to enjoy the same benefits time and time again.

Joy Organics products are pharmaceutical grade since they have a GMP-certified facility to produce their CBD products.

Improved bioavailability

This process might be more relevant to Joy Organics CBD Softgels but knowing that Joy Organics are capable of converting raw hemp oil into nano-sized emulsions using is a piece of additional information that buyers should know.  As stated by Joy Organics, nanoemulsion makes their formulas have a bioavailability that is up to five times more than regular oil-based CBD products and four times more than the regular water-soluble products.

What’s the importance of bioavailability anyways? It means that the products have a greater level of absorption in the body. This means that less product is needed for you to achieve the same benefit so it is more effective cost-wise!


THC has a lot of medicinal benefits on its own but most people like to avoid products with THC in it since it has psychoactive effects that are linked to the feeling of getting “high”. Sale of products with THC are heavily regulated and those with over 0.3% THC on it must have a clear sign of “THC” on it and can only be sold in regulated environments.

There is zero THC in Joy Organics CBD oil which allows it to be legally used all throughout the United States.

Safe, organic and clean

All of the CBD Oil from Joy Organics are from non-GMO and organic hemp that is grown in the US. No pesticides have used during the processing of the hemp. Their products are tested for safety and quality by a third party lab. Although it may seem such a simple thing, keeping high standards for safety and quality of a product takes up a lot of effort on the manufacturer’s part. Buyers should always buy products from suppliers who can guarantee absolute safety from their products.

Transparent Product & Lab Tested

Only CBD that meets pharmaceutical standards is produced by Joy Organics. There are strict guidelines for their products and gives out the lab result of all of their products from third-party laboratories. Joy Organics definitely has a great set of transparency comparable to that of the big leagues in CBD. Additional product information can be found on their website.


Even if you are a new or experienced with CBD, things that you should always look out for in CBD products should include bioavailability, tight quality control, and overall consistency. All of these are met by the products of Joy Organic with the addition of containing full spectrum to give its users the most of its effects.