Hemp Delivery Methods


“How do I want to benefit from CBD?”

In order to choose the ideal CBD delivery methods, considering your needs is an essential part of decision making. Some things that you need to take into consideration are your comfort level with each type of method and what is your goal in taking CBD. Knowing these factors will help you decide and model your own experience with CBD. There are numerous delivery methods available for using CBD, each with a different purpose for individuals experiencing different conditions. Since each individual’s body does not have the same response to CBD, we offer different products to everyone that can be delivered in different methods that will suit your needs.



The oral delivery method of CBD is an efficient way of experiencing the full-body benefits of CBD. There are lots of areas for absorption using this method. When the CBD is absorbed in the mucous membranes of the mouth, it will bypass the digestive process and you will be able to feel its effects in only 10-20 minutes. When CBD is swallowed it will be processed by the liver and will go to the digestive tract after in which the CBD will be able to attach to the receptors that are in the digestive tract. Those who want a full-body benefit, who are feeling any discomfort especially in the digestive tract, and those who want to have a balanced endocannabinoid system will greatly benefit from this method.


If you need much more immediate relief, one of the best ways is to inhale CBD. Since lungs are a direct gateway to the bloodstream, inhaling the CBD will offer the user a quick effect since the CBD will bypass traditional digestive process. This method is very safe and effective. It is perfect for individuals who need immediate relief or needs some treatment for chronic pain, headaches, or from a variety of mental health conditions.


Ingestion of CBD is a great way for children and for those who need to have an all-day relief during specific times of the day or for individuals who want a discreet delivery method. This method can give you the benefits of CBD for the longest time which is due to the digestion process but it can take up to 30 to 100 minutes to actually feel the effects. There are factors that can also affect how you feel the effects of CBD such as your diet, amount of food consumed before ingesting CBD and your metabolism. For those who have trouble in swallowing or for children, asteroid gummies are a perfect way to ingest CBD. Other ways in which you can benefit from the effects of CBD is through CBD isolate capsules. These capsules are easy to integrate into your morning routine and offers a discreet way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.


The topical method of application is perfect for those who are seeking fast relief as the impact of CBD can be felt quickly on sites of inflammation, sore muscles and joints in just a matter of few minutes as the CB receptors located on the skin allows the topical to have a direct and localized effect. Aside from relieving on-site pain, CBD also moisturizes the skin. Those who are experiencing chronic pain, muscle tension or athletes recovering from an injury are ideally the one who can benefit from this type of method.


One of the ways that you can feel the benefits of CBD rapidly and effectively is through vaginal and rectal delivery since these two methods send the CBD straight into the bloodstream by bypassing different digestive processes. This route is recommended for users who are looking for really quick relief or treatment. it also has the highest bioavailability rate which can be attributed to the moist environment of the vagina and rectum. People who are experiencing any discomfort in the digestive or intestinal area and women who have any menstrual cramps or discomfort are highly recommended to use this route when using CBD.