Fab CBD Oil Review

Fab CBD Oil Review


Product Score



  • 100% natural and organically grown.
  • Variety of different strengths.
  • Lab tested products.
  • U.S. product, Colorado grown.


  • Even if flavoured, it seems to have a plain taste.

About Fab CBD

Located in Tampa, Florida, Fab CBD is a supplement and nutrition company under the FAB nutrition firm located in Manchester, UK. The hemp plants that they use from Colorado are organic and they use the CO2 extraction method for all of their products.

All of the CBD produced by FAB CBD is free from herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Their products are tested for quality and safety by third-party laboratories and the results are available on their website.


Oil Drops

FAB CBD oil drop is definitely one of the best available in the market today. FAB CBD recommends using 1/2 of a dropper twice a day which has 10mg of CBD in total. The oil is recommended to be kept at room temperature level.

It comes in different flavors like Citrus, Mint, and Natural. One thing to note is that you might still taste some of the plant taste. Its recommended use is to put the drops beneath your tongue and hold it for 30 seconds before swallowing.

CBD Chews

If you are not a fan of the oil, FAB CBD Chews are perfect for you. They are available in 30 chews per pack and can be easily carried around wherever you will go.

FAB CBD Chews are great for those who are always on the go. They come in different flavors for the user to enjoy. One thing that should be considered when taking the chews is that since they are edibles, it might take a while for you to feel the effects.

CBD Topical

FAB’s CBD topical is offered in a 2-oz tub which has 600mg of CBD made from hemp grown in Colorado. The topical is smooth and creamy and designed to be directly put on the affected area to be absorbed by the skin. The onset of effect might take about one to two hours before you feel it.

Product Specifics


FAB CBD only offers products that are top grade in terms of potency. These can either be diluted or high potency. Their products are available in 4 different concentration: 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg


Stated above in this article are different flavors which FAB CBD offers which are Citrus, Mint, and Natural. Some people find the flavors a bit weak since users are still left with a ‘hemp taste’ after ingesting it. But this might reflect the validity of their high-grade extraction process for their hemp.


FAB CBD’s products are usually delivered within 4 to 7 days which is totally fine for the time it takes to deliver a product to your doorstep although this might change a bit depending on the country of delivery.

FAB CBD’s product can either be ingested orally or used topically. As stated before, it is recommended to use 1/2 of a dropper twice a day which has 10mg of CBD and keep it at room temperature to optimize its benefits.

For the topicals, it is recommended to use it as you would use your cream or lotion since it is also absorbed by the skin. Although one thing that you should note is that it takes up to one to two hours before you feel an effect.


The products of FAB CBD are 100% natural and organic. The prices are competitive in the market and the potencies offered gives people a huge range to select the product for their conditions and needs.

FAB CBD’s extract only has premium hemp oil grown exclusively in Colorado, USA. Combining all of the factors mentioned, we can conclude that FAB CBD is a great choice for new users or those who have extensive experience in using CBD-based products.