Savage CBD Hemp Oil Review

Savage CBD Hemp Oil


Product Score



  • CBD Tinctures has very positive testimonials from customers
  • Products are 3rd party lab tested and Savage offers transparent results
  • Creative and innovative with CBD products
  • Offer Savage CBD Coupons up to 15%


  • high amount of artificial ingredients
  • CBD hasn't been approved by the FDA
  • Orders placed during the weekend won't be processed until Monday


Founded in 2016 at Irvine California, Savage CBD initially started as ‘Savage’. Savage primarily offered vape products in 2013 but the company realized the rise of attention on CBD. Upon further research, the company believed in their vision to help push people to the next level and that was when Savage CBD was started. The products that they offer are non-psychoactive, safe and can be legally shipped at your doorsteps.


Savage CBD Vape Juices

The parent company of Savage CBD is Savage Enterprises which is well known in the Eliquid space for their unique flavors since 2013. They offer flavors made from their resources that will suit different types of people and won’t fail to please the taste buds of their customers.

Savage CBD “Essentials” Tinctures

This is a really excellent product that is really stepped up by Savage CBD. They made two delicious flavored tinctures, lemon-lime, and pink grapefruit. It comes in 1000mg, 1500 mg, and 2000 mg concentration. Their CBD oil retailing for $99.99 (you can use one of our coupon code to save on these) is full-spectrum and has all terpenes.

Full Spectrum CBD Gel Capsules

The full spectrum CBD gels offered by Savage CBD comes in two types of packaging. The first one is in an 8 pack which has 25 mg per soft gel adding up to 200mg total content. The second one is a 30 pack soft gel capsules which have 25 mg each adding up to 750 mg total content. The gel capsules are perfect for those who do not like the taste of CBD oil or wants to have accurate dosages. They are sold at $39.99 and we have Savage CBD coupon codes for these!

CBD Lotions

The lotions offered by Savage CBD are perfect for those suffering from cracked and dry skin. Users can use it to help relieve stress or heal sore areas. It comes in a 2 oz bottle containing 300mg of full-spectrum CBD and retails for $49.99.

Suggested Use

It is recommended to put your preferred dose under the tongue and hold it in place for 30 seconds before swallowing to efferience the product’s full effects.

What Makes The Products Of Savage CBD Stand Out From The Rest?

The extract offered by Savage CBD is strong, full-spectrum and does not take like hemp at all. What you will taste is the flavor of freshly squeezed out grapefruit from a juicer. The flavor is mild but stands outs in comparison to other CBD supplements.

Their CBD supplement works great with tea or juice and even in addition to cocktails. It also tastes wonderful when directly applied under the tongue. The Savage CBD Pink Grapefruit CBD Tincture is great for those who do not like the taste of hemp or just want to try something fun and new.

  • Natural and Organic

Savage CBD gives a lot of focus on the high-quality of their products and makes sure that they use pure and natural ingredients. All of their products undergo quality testing and they do their best to make their supplement available to everyone. We like their transparency on the quality of their products as the third-party lab results are available online on their site.

  • Third-Party Verified

Every batch sold by Savage CBD is tested for quality, consistency, taste, and authenticity. All of the laboratory results of their product can be seen on the box of each product. You can also scan it with your phone to view the results online situated under each product description.

  • Free Shipping

All orders within the USA are free in shipping.

Customer Feedback

Based on the reviews on the products of CBD, one can simply conclude that the products that they offer are absolutely stellar. Looking at the customers’ feedback will surely make you consider their products as worthy of your time and money.

One thing that most users like about their product is their nice packaging and the high-quality dropper with clear markings up to 1ml which makes it easier to know how much CBD that you are taking.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Savage CBD products are surely excellent.

We are extremely pleased by the variety of products that they offer that comes in well thought out packaging designs made by the Savage CBD’s lead designer, Kathryn Montgomery.

Savage CBD team knows full well the importance of a well-designed packaging that can catch the eye of customers.

Their prices are affordable and their products are almost comparable to other quality brands. They have a military discount and Free Shipping to all orders in the US.

Their flavors are adventurous and suitable for those who like their CBD on the sweeter side as their products are fruity and sweet (can also be sour sometimes).