Cbdistillery Hemp Oil Review

Cbdistillery Hemp Oil


Product Score



  • Quite Afordable.
  • Good selection of products.
  • 3rd party lab tested.


  • Somehwat questionable facebook review score.


Founded by Colorado natives, the CBDistillery was started in order to offer high quality hemp products to people needing it. Their hemp plants are grown under natural sunlight and undergo rigorous tests in order to meet the high standards of the company. They use organic planting practices that have not yet been USDA certified.

Aside from selling online on their website, their products are also available in a number of retail stores around the US. Their products are also available for whole sale orders.

Available Products

The CBDistillery offers oils, isolates, topicals, gummies, vape line, wax, and suppositories. Shown below are the variety of products available on the CBDistillery website:

Oils: There are a variety of oils being offered by the CBDistillery. These include their pure CBD oil which is THC free and also the full spectrum CBD tincture. All of their oils are available in different strengths. Aside from those mentioned, they also offer oils for pets like the CBD Pet Tincture and a Man’s Best Friend CBD Oil Pack.

Isolates: The isolates offered by CBDistillery are exclusively sourced from industrial hemp oil which came from stalks and stems of hemp plants. The products available are 99+% pure CBD isolate, isolate slabs, and flavored terpsolates which are made by combining isolates and terpenes.

Capsules: There are a variety of CBD capsules, CBD infused soft gels and CBD isolate infused soft gels available on the CBDistillery website.

Topicals: There are different topicals which are said to provide different nourishing ingredients available on CBDistillery website like topical CBD salve, CBDefine skin care cream and CBD Lip Balm.

Gummies: There are 30 mg, 30 count gummies on CBDistillery website as well as night time gummies which are said to aid with sleep.

Vape: The CBDistillery also has a vape line available for those who enjoy using vape for their CBD. They offer a ton of flavors for their vape pens and vape pen cartridges. They also offer CBD E-liquids  and USB vape charger.

Wax: The CBD wax that they offer is at 80% and broad spectrum.

Suppositories: Their CBD suppositories are available at 150mg concentration.

Full Spectrum Products

Majority of their products are full spectrum which means various cannabinoids are present in their source of hemp, although they also offer CBD Isolate products. You can see the actual balance of their CBD oil in their site since they always provide the latest batch testing on their website which is very helpful when you are considering buying their products. Although their products might not have the best cannabinoid balance in the market, they still offer more than just the CBD isolate.

Third Party Testing Results Available On Their Site

ProVerde Laboratories are the ones providing third-party lab tests for CBDistillery products. The tests that are done include cannabinoids full spectrum analysis and testing for any heavy metals and pesticide residues. Quality tests assurance is one factor that well-informed customers would like to see from a reputable supplier of quality hemp products.

Online Customer Reviews

Genuine reviews can be seen in their online shop. Although the reviews are not 100% positive, this attest to the genuineness of the comments. This is a big plus for potential customers who likes to read real reviews for the products that they are interested in. At this point of time, their facebook feedback score is 3.6/5. It might not be stellar but still something to consider and look into further when considering buying their products.

In Conclusion

The hemp extracts offered by the CBDistillery are available in 500, 1000, and 2500 mg concentrations. Their products have been tested for purity and potency by third-party laboratories. The results for the tests of their products are available on their website.

Having products with only two ingredients, which are MCT oil (carrier oil) and hemp extract allows for an easy and clean absorption of their product allowing full effect.