CBDfx Hemp Oil Review

CBDfx Hemp Oil Review


Product Score



  • Made in the US.
  • CO2 Hemp Plant Extraction.
  • Third-party lab reports.
  • Huge variety of products.


  • Some find the products a bit stronger in concentration.
  • A bit higher price than average.



CBDfx is an American CBD brand based in California that is dedicated in helping improve the wellness of their clients. From the 2,476 certified reviews on their products, this brand is clearly tried and tested by genuine people. They offer a range of products that have full-spectrum cannabis extracts especially CBD.

The CBDfx is website is neat, professional, and most important of all, user-friendly. Everything that they do has been well thought of down to their packaging which mirrors the reliability of the company with regards to the products that they offer.

They also have a helpful section on their website that serves to educate people regarding on how CBD works and how it benefits our body. The company also provides downloadable lab reports of each of their products ensuring that all of their products are safe to use.

everyone is sure to find the product that they need from this brand. From the huge variety of products and free shipping, this brand is sure interesting so let’s take a look.

Products Overview

If you are looking for a brand that offers a wide range of products then this is the perfect one for you. You will definitely be spoilt with the choices that they offer. So now let’s take a look at their products and pricing.

CBDfx CBD Tincture

The CBD oils produced by the company is made using a supercritical CO2 extraction process which is regarded as the safest and highest-quality extraction technique in the industry. Their CBD Tincture Oil has only two ingredients: full spectrum hemp extract suspended in MCT oil. CBDfx claims that the extraction process that they use ensures that the cannabinoids, amino acids, and omega-3 and omega-6 compounds remain in the resulting products. Their tinctures are also non-GMO and gluten-free.

CBDfx CBD Tincture is offered in 30mL bottles that contain different concentrations of CBD. Each bottle has a different color depending on the strength so you won’t have a hard time checking the small letters in each bottle to check for the strength. Listed down below are the prices:

  • 500 mg: 
    Single pack: $74.99
    Two pack: $149.98
  • 1000 mg:
    Single pack: $124.99
    Two pack: $239.98
  • 1500 mg:
    Single pack: $164.99
    Two pack: $329.98

CBDfx CBD Vaping

Observing all the reviews of this product online, you will know that CBDfx is definitely known for their vaping product since they have a lot of great variety. Listed down below are the vaping products of CBDfx.

CBD Vape Pens

CBDfx offers its own CBD vape pens containing tasty e-liquid that has full-spectrum CBD. The pens that they have are slim and long which resembles a traditional cigarette. This makes the product subtle and travel-friendly. The pen is draw activated and lacks buttons which contribute to its ease of use.

The e-liquid in pen has full-spectrum CBD, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol which is added in order to thin the oil. They use natural ingredients to flavor their products. Each pen has 30mg of CBD which is enough to last you a whole day and can be easily disposed of. It comes already charged and you can use it until it is done and empty.

Their vape pens are available in flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Fresh Mint, and the two new flavors Tropic Breeze and Blue Raspberry.  Strawberry Lemonade and Fresh Mint are available in one, three, or twelve packs, while the latter two come in either a single pack or a 12-pack:

  • Single: $14.99
  • 3 pack: $44.97
  • 12 pack: $179.98

CBD Vape Oil Additive

The CBD vape oil Additive is perfect for vapers who want to add some CBD in their vaping regime. These additives are formulated in order to mix seamlessly with your favorite choice of e-liquid so that you can get all the goodness of your regular e-liquid together with the benefits of CBD.

The additive has a subtle flavor profile containing full-spectrum CBD that does not ruin the taste of your favorite e-liquid. In order to take it, simply add 1/2 to 1 full dropper of CBD in your e-liquid tank.

The products are available in a 10ml bottle with four different strengths available. it is also offered in a trio pack which has a combination of three strengths.

  • 60mg:
    Single pack: $29.99
    3 pack: $89.97
    12 pack: $359.88
  • 120mg:
    Single pack: $49.99
    3 pack: $149.99
    12 pack: $599.88
  • 300mg:
    Single pack: $74.99
    3 pack: $224.97
    12 pack: $899.88
  • 500mg:
    Single pack: $74.99
    3 pack: $224.97
    12 pack: $899.98 (note that this item is for retail only)
  • Trio pack (60mg, 120mg, 300mg): $154.97
  • Four pack: $189.96

CBD Vape Juice

CBD pens are great for newbies, additives are ideal for vapers who want to add in some CBD into their vaping regime, vape juice, on the other hand, is great for having a consistent, flavored hit of CBD. They work perfectly with any vaping device providing you a tasty dose of CBD each time you vape. Compared with the vape additives, the vape juices are available in different flavors like:


  • Blue Raspberry
  • Fruity Cereal
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Strawberry Milk
  • Wild Watermelon

Each flavor is offered in a 30ml cartridge that comes in three different strengths:

  • 250mg: $39.99
  • 500mg: $59.99
  • 1000mg: $99.99

Those who want to save some cash can buy in bulk since CBDfx offers a 6-pack refill box which will surely save you some money.

CBD Terpenes Oil

Recently, a new collection CBD Terpene oils have been released by CBDfc which have unique, blended flavor profile designed to give you a natural taste sensation each time you vape. They offer a variety of flavors in 30ml that have either 350mg or 500mg of CBD.

  • 250mg: $69.99
  • 500mg: $89.99

The flavors that they offer are Gelato, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, and Platinum Rose.

CBD E-liquids by Anml Alchemy

In collaboration with Anml Alchemy, the CBDfx CBD e-liquid is available in a variety of flavors in a 30ml bottle which comes in three different strengths and has no THC. The flavors that they offer include Strawberry Taffy, Strawberry Jelly Donut, and Fruit Smoothie.

  • 250mg: $39.99
  • 500mg: $59.99
  • 1000mg: $99.99

CBDfx CBD Gummies

Gummies are a perfect option for people who do not like the taste of CBD oil. The gummies sold by CBDfx are 100% vegan and has a great sweet taste that delivers you a good hit of CBD. The ingredients that they use are organic so you are sure that what they use are safe and the full-spectrum hemp extract makes sure that you are taking the healthiest dose available.

CBDfx offers a variety of gummies like:

  • CBD gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina (Antioxidant): 60 gummies, 5mg each. $99
  • Turmeric gummy pouch: 8 gummies, 5mg each. $9.99
  • CBD gummy bears: 60 gummies, 5mg each. $59.99
  • CBD gummies pouch: 8 gummies, 5 mg each. $9.99

CBDfx CBD Capsules

One convenient and discreet way to take CBD is through capsules which is a very popular method. The formula of the capsules offered by CBDfx does not irritate the digestive system which means that it’s safe to take them without having any food beforehand. Their capsules have full-spectrum hemp extract as well as glycerine, and silicon dioxide. Each capsule has 25 mg of CBD with a variety of other healthy compounds and cannabinoids.

  • 30 capsule tub: $59.99
  • 8 capsule pouch: $19.99

CBDfx CBD Drinks

Although CBDfx has a whole section dedicated specifically for CBD beverages, they only offer one drink. Hopefully, they will expand their range of offers in the future since they consistently add new products that they offer.

The CBDfx Lemonade CBD Chill Shot is lemonade-flavored and offered in a 2 oz bottle that has 20mg of full spectrum CBD. The drink is served cold for a refreshing and relaxing drink that will give your body a good hit of the beneficial effects of CBD. We are very impressed with this drink since this is the strongest beverage that we have seen offered on the market.

  • Single pack: $6.99
  • 3 pack: $20.97
  • 6 pack: $41.94

CBDfx CBD Topicals

CBDfx offers two different topicals infused with CBD that revitalizes the body and nourishes the skin.

CBD Lotion

Offered in a 50ml bottle, the CBD lotion is made using CO2 extracted CBD and designed to soothe the skin. It has also caffeine which stimulates blood-flow, perfect for are that are swelling or has other skin troubles. It also contains Menthols which cools down and numb the skin. The product costs $39.99 and is also available in a 30 ml bottle with 100mg of CBD costing $29.99.

CBD Balm

The CBDfx CBD Balm is offered in a 2oz container with 150 mg of CBD and contains a lot of ingredients that are beneficial for the skin like shea butter, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, tea tree oil and a lot more which softens and treat your skin gently. This balm cost $39.99.

CBDfx CBD Concentrates

Experience CBD users might like this product and use the CBD concentrates like dabs. This product has 100% isolated CBD that can be vaped using a pen or dab rig. CBDfx offers its own Mini CBD Wax Pen which is useful for vaping concentrates. This product is designed to apply heat to the entire area which increases the amount of vapor. Users can customize their own experience since there are 2 interchangeable 11mm dual-core atomizers offered by the brand. This product costs $54.99.

CBDfx also offers CBD Wax for concentrated dabs which have 30% CBD oil and 300mg of pure CBD. Each tub costs $49.99 and has approximately 20 servings in each tub.

CBDfx CBD for Pets

Since our pets also have the same endocannabinoid system similar to that inside of our body, this means that they can also enjoy the benefits of CBD. Nowadays, a lot of CBD manufacturers are releasing products specifically for pets and CBDfx is one of them.

The recommended dose is 1 drop per 1 lbs of the body weight of your pet.

The CBDfx CBD for pets is available in three different strengths, designed to help your pet depending on their size.

  • Small breed: costs $39.99 and has 150mg of CBD. Made for animals weighing 20 lbs or less like cats, rabbits, pugs, chihuahuas, etc.
  • Medium breed: costs $59.99 and has 300 mg of CBD. Made for animals weighing 20-60 lbs like medium-sized dogs.
  • Large breed: costs $89.99 and has 600mg of CBD. Made for animals weighing 60+ lbs like large dogs.


CBDfx is definitely a solid brand that offers a lot of great products that have a lot of wonderful reviews online. With the variety of products and great review, CBDfx might actually be one of the best brands in the industry today. Their products might be a little bit on the pricey side but you are sure to get quality and potency that you won’t easily get from any other brand.