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CBDMedic is a company that is part of the Abacus Health Products Inc. group, which also owns CBD Clinic. Their goal is to create a high-performance CBD hemp extract topical, that works faster and lasts longer than any other topical in the market.

Thanks to CBDMedic´s new technology they are able to deliver more powerful and faster relief via its topicals. In order to ensure quicker and deeper absorption they use 100% natural emollients, it is also worth mentioning that none of their products contain synthetic fragrances, steroids or artificial additives.

User Experience

CBD Medic’s website has a great user interface consisting of a combination of white, green, and gray color. The website is very clean and straight forward it is designed to provide the best experience with the minimum effort for the user.

CBDMedic products review

CBDMedic specializes in CBD based skin care and pain relief products, their product line might seem limited but there are a lot of interesting products currently being offered which have helped a lot of people. Let´s have a look at their main product lines:

Pain Relief

The Pain Relief line of CBDMedic products is designed for active athletes that are looking for quick and efficient pain relief. CBDMedic uses a proprietary formula designed to provide powerful, fast and safe relief to all athletes suffering from many different types of muscle and joint pain. Below you will find their main pain relief products:

CBDMedic Active Sport CBD Topicals
CBDMedic Back & Pain Relief
CBDMedic Foot Pain Relief
CBDMedic Muscle & Joint Pain Relief
CBDMedic Arthritis Pain Relief
CBDMedic Massage Therapy

Skin Care

None of the CBDMedic skin care products contain synthetic fragrances, steroids or artificial additives. This line of CBD Medic products focuses exclusively the safe, fast and effective treatment of the following 3 skin diseases:

CBDMedicAcne Treatment
CBDMedicEczema Therapy
CBDMedicItch & Rash Relief

Quality and Reliability

CBDMedic is definitely one of the leading companies in the CBD based topicals industry; they stand out from the rest of the CBD companies for having the most experience and quality when it comes to CBD topicals. All their products are 100% genuine and carry a 30-day warranty.

All their orders are shipped through USPS Priority Mail and if the order is placed before noon all products will be shipped on the same day.


CBDMedic has decided to specialize in the topical market and has become one of the leading Brands when it comes to cbd topicals. They work only with top quality products for athletes with the latest technology in the market, the products offer excellent value for money and usually you start feeling the benefits within 10-20 min. Their years of experience in the cbd topicals industry, high-quality sources and top notch customer service, make CBDMedic a truly solid brand with amazing deals.