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Nature´s Script review


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Nature’s Script is an American company based in Florida; they are specialized in producing CBD derived natural healing products. They pride themselves for offering all-natural premium organic hemp extracts, topicals and a lot more. They are committed to quality which is why they produce some of the purest and strongest CBD and Hemp extracts in the Market.

Nature´s Script CBD products are made using the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. They source all their products from licensed and regulated US farms and produce in-house in order keep control at all time and ensure highest quality products. It is also worth mentioning that they continuously have their products tested by independent third party labs, they also publish the lab tests on their website to maintain full transparency about the contents of their products.

They are truly committed to bringing their customers the highest grade hemp products on the market and are proud to offer all-natural, lab-tested, organic hemp oils and extracts.

User Experience

Nature´s Script website has been designed with the aim of providing its users with great amount of information but in a user friendly way. Their website as a great user interface consisting of a combination of white, blue, and green colors, at the same time it is very clean and straight forward it, designed to provide the best user-experience with the minimum effort.

Nature´s Script products review

There are various products available at Nature´s Script online shop. It is worth mentioning that Nature´s Script sells only THC-free CBD isolates, which means that all of their products contain 99% pure CBD. Listed down below are their main product lines:

CBD Oil: As mentioned before Nature´s Script only produces in-house, they also source only from licensed and regulated US farms. It is the combination of this two factors plus years of experience in the industry that makes Nature´s Script CBD oil stand out from the rest of the cbd oils in the market.

Their CBD oil is available in five different concentrations (strength–>300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 2000mg & 4000mg) and two delicious flavors (peppermint & watermelon).

CBD GUMMIES: Nature´s Script is well known for having some of the best gummies in the market. Their gummies are ideal to relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Nature´s Script gummies are available in two different strengths and 3 different sizes.

CBD CAPSULES: Like with the gummies Nature´s Script CBD capsules are available in two different strengths (15mg and 25mg) and different sizes (5, 15, 30 & 60 count). Nature´s Script capsules are specially designed to relieve pain, anxiety and sleep issues, they recommend taking them before going to bed and at the beginning of the day.

CBD TOPICALS: Nature´s Script offers the following 3 types of CBD topicals

-CBD PAIN RUB: This hemp extract rub can be applied directly to the area of muscle or joint that is creating the pain in order to provide almost instant relief of the discomfort. It is enhanced with menthol to increase the instant cooling and pain relief.

-CBD PATCHES: Nature´s Script CBD patches are designed to place directly on the skin for a long lasting pain relief. You simply need to peel the patch and stick it on your skin; this product is available in the following 3 variations: Pain, sleep, and hangover. Each patch contains 100mg of CBD.

-CBD ESSENTIAL OIL ROLLERS: This product has been specially designed for the on the go use, each roll contains a combination of essential oils and CBD in order to enhance your focus and relaxation.

CBD E-LIQUID: Nature´s Script offers a variety of delicious vape flavors with CBD; these e-liquids deliver a potent dose of CBD in its purest form.  Vaping cbd is one of the most popular methods of hemp extract consumption; Nature´s Script e-liquids do not contain nicotine, TCH or any other harmful chemicals.

Quality and Reliability

Nature´s Script is all about transparency, that is why we consider this brand extremely trust worthy. They stand out from the rest of the CBD companies for having a huge selection of low to high-strength oils, gummies, tinctures, capsules and a lot more. All their products are 100% genuine and carry a 30-day warranty.

All their lab test results are available online in order to confirm the quality and potency of all their products. Additionally they have an extremely experienced customer service team to assess customers in order to find the exactly what they are looking for.


Nature´s Script is definitely one of the upcoming brands in the CBD industry. They work only with top quality products sourced from licensed and regulated US farms with the latest technology in the market. They offer a vast variety of products with excellent value for money. Nature´s Script´s transparency, high-quality sources and top notch customer service, makes them a truly solid brand with exceptionally good offers.