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About Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds is a Dutch seeds bank based in Amsterdam; this company was founded by Luc Krol who has been involved in breeding cannabis varieties since the early 80’s. Paradise Seeds has been testing and experimenting with cannabis seeds since 1994, all with the aims to select the very best genetics and cross them to obtain new and more powerful strains. They offer some of the finest cannabis seeds currently available con the market.

Based in Holland this company finds itself in the perfect position to test out some of the best strains in the market to develop new genetics. They consistently work with other cannabis growers around the world to test out some new genetics in order to find that unique and mind-blowing results.

Paradise Seeds produces organic cannabis seeds; their pollination rooms are extremely secure so that no stray pollen from other plants can find their way into the stock. They carefully select all pollination schedules in order to obtain always the highest quality seeds. After the seeds production they manually select only the best seeds leaving all premature and non-fertile seeds out. Afterwards they test the seeds in order to guarantee a 95% germination rate (with the right growing conditions).

Why Paradise Seeds?

Paradise Seeds is the real deal! They have been in the industry for over 26 years winning more than 25 cannabis cups. This is truly one of the most competitive online seed shops out there. Paradise Seeds offers a large selection of high quality regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds. At Paradise Seeds they do not sell “second-best”, that is why they work only with the best genuine cannabis strains out there. They proudly state that from their seeds you can obtain end products of the finest potency, taste and quality.

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– 95% Germination Rates

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