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Sol CBD Hemp Oil


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  • Lab tested tinctures.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • High potency oil.


  • No international shipping.

About Sol CBD

Sol CBD is started by a couple, Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky. The married couple has been natural health advocates for almost a decade before finally creating their own company. They make premium-grade CBD and they ensure that their website has very accurate information about cannabidiol in order to educate the visitors on their site.

In line with their commitment to accurate information, their website definitely has lots of info that can help you make the right choice before you commit financially to CBD products. Formed in 2015, they use cannabinoids sourced from hemp grown in Northern Europe. Sol CBD claims that there are no chemicals or psychoactive THC in any of their products,

Sol CBD Executive Summary

Here we list some of the things that we absolutely like about this company:

  • There are available documentation regarding the quality of their products
  • All of their products are 100% derived from hemp plants
  • The company is 100% transparent to their customers about their products and business
  • They strive to offer the highest quality CBD products at a reasonable price
  • They have top notch customer service
  • Free shipping on orders over $75

Sol CBD Taste

Their tincture is available in few different flavors like mint and cinnamon which allows you to enjoy the product’s taste while reaping its benefits. The product is extracted using the CO2 extraction process makes the product full spectrum allowing its users to enjoy its benefits together with the flavors of cinnamon or mint. If you’re gonna ask us how we would rate it on a scale of 1 to 5, this product is definitely a 5 since it has a great taste and great effects which aid in bringing your body in its optimum condition.

Sol CBD Dosage & Potency

The dosage for one person cannot be pre-determined since it relies on a lot of factors like age, weight, height, weight, and body proportion. One should also note any medications being taken and any disease and its severity. Once you know all of these, you can then determine your dosage and the length of taking it and the number of times a day you should take it. The dose that they have is pretty great and one of the best in terms of treating seizures.

SOL CBD Products

Sol CBD has a great variety of product currently being offered. They all come with wonderful savings options if you are planning to buy a lot. For example, if you but two or three bottles on your first order you can make a saving; After that, you have an option to have those products shipped monthly with their Loyalty Autoship Program. This provides an even bigger discount and the products are shipped to your house every month.

SOL CBD Capsules

One easy way to take in CBD is with the SOL CBD Capsules made from organic hemp sourced from the US. The product is made using CO2 extraction process which draws out the beneficial cannabinoids in the plant and putting it right into the end product. SOL CBD claims that they do not use chemical solvents for their production process.

These capsules can be taken by vegetarian and have the full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes. The recommended dose is one capsule a day with each capsule containing 15mg of CBD. One whole tub of the product has 30 capsules which total to 450 mg of CBD per tub.

The tub cost $69 or just over £50 if no discounts are applied.


This is to increase the effectiveness of the sublingual oil after you swallow it. Once again, it is vegetarian-friendly.

There are a variety of CBD tinctures offered by SOL CBD. Their Whole Body Activation Tincture is made to deliver cannabidiol in your body in order to optimize your health. Their hemp extract which is the same one that is used in their CBD capsules is suspended in MCT oil in order to increase the effectiveness of the extract after swallowing. This product is also great for vegetarians.

If one serving of the product is 0.5ml which is half a dropper, then a single dropper would have approximately 60 servings. These are the product options for the customers and their prices:

  • SOL CBD Natural Flavour: $65.00
  • SOL CBD Cinnamint Flavour: $65.00
  • SOL CBD 3600 mg High CBD Tincture: $397.00

The SOL CBD 3600 mg High CBD Tincture has about 3x more CBD than the previous tinctures which are a lot more than any normal person would really need!

SOL CBD Liposomes

One of the newest product in the market is Liposomal CBD. SOL CBD has been one of the forefronts in producing this product. Liposomal CBD is a  water-soluble CBD oil and very useful if you want to mix CBD with drinks if you don’t want to taste the hemp. Another great thing about this product is the way it interacts with the body, and since our bodies are made up of almost 70% water, a CBD oil that easily dissolves in water is perfect.

SOL CBD’s Liposome is made with sunflower-extracted phospholipids, soybeans, and egg yolk. Their product is full-range which means it has a lot of cannabinoids and terpenes. In comparison with the oils, this product comes in a bottle with a pump lid. The recommended serving for an individual is four pumps in a glass of water twice a day.

SOL CBD’s Liposome is available in Orange Twist flavor which removes the taste of hemp. Their product is made with all natural flavorings and a single bottle would cost $95 if there’s no discount applied.


If you are a fan of CBD topical, then SOL CBD Balm is perfect for you. This product is made with a blend of 13 natural, skin-nourishing ingredients like grape seed oil, lemon peel oil, rosemary leaf extract and let’s not forget CBD! A single tub cost $59 if without discount and comes in a 4oz/120ml tub that has 125mg of CBD.

SOL CBD for Pets

Nowadays, a lot of people are giving their dogs some CBD. If you’d like to give your pet CBD products, you should always make sure that the product that you are using are made specifically for them.

The SOL CBD tincture for pets only cost $37 and has 100mg of CBD.


Most of the reviews of SOL CBD products are positive and it’s easy to know why! They have high-quality, organic products made from well-sourced ingredients.

One downside is that SOL CBD is only based in the United States and there is no international shipping option. Hopefully, in the future, they will expand their operations and start offering international shipping so people from other countries can get to try their amazing product. We also hope that SOL CBD offers more CBD strength options and flavors for their products as well.