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The Evergreen Tree is a US company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They decided to create this business in order to become a high quality kratom vendor online that can guarantee consistency and reliability. Their team is very experienced because they are basically kratom enthusiast and want to share their expert knowledge about kratom powder, capsules, liquid, tinctures and extract products.

They pride themselves for offering the most competitive and affordable prices for high quality kratom in the online market. Their staff is not only experienced but also friendly and eager to always exceed their customers’ expectations.


The Evergreen tree offers a wide range of Kratom strains in different formats, mainly capsules, powder & extracts. Let’s take a look at their main product lines:

  • Kratom Capsules

-Maeng Da Kratom Capsules: The Maeng Da strain is known for being a high potency strain with a lot of pain relieving qualities and bigger stimulation properties.  This strain of kratom is famous for its pain relieving and stimulating effects.
The Evergreen Tree offers Gold, Red, Green, White and Blend Maeng Da capsules all of them containing 500mg of the highest quality Maeng Da kratom.

-Specialty Capsules: The Specialty Capsules offered by The Evergreen Tree are a bit more advanced and contain kratom form 3 very interesting and exquisite strains.

Bentuangie Kratom Capsules: The Bentuangie strain comes for the Indonesian jungles, and is one of the “newer kratom strains”. It is especially interesting for its sedative and relaxing effects, on the other hand its stimulative effects come a bit slower.

-Elephant Kratom Capsules: The Elephant Kratom strain is known for its consistent potency and efficacy, it called elephant kratom because this particular strain is made using only the largest leaves from the kratom tree. It is well known for its strong alkaloid concentration and its potency.

-Super Green Kratom Capsules: The Super Green strains are known for its strong sedative and pain relieving properties, another characteristic of this strain is the energy and euphoria boost.

  • Kratom Powder:

The Evergreen Tree offers a wide range of kratom powders from different strains. All the kratom powder sold by The Evergreen Tree is 100% natural and original from the kratom tree, you can find all the lab results on their website. Below you will find a list of all the kratom powder options they offer on their website:

Maeng Da Powder
Gold Maeng Da Kratom Powder
Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder
Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder
White Maeng Da Kratom Powder
New Arrivals
Dark Green Powder 1.8-2%
Super Red Powder 1.8-2%
Super White Powder 1.8-2%
Red Sulawesi Powder 1.8-2%
Red Vein Powder
Red Bali Kratom Powder
Red Borneo Kratom Powder
Red Indo Kratom Powder
Red Malay Kratom Powder
Red Sumatra Kratom Powder
Red Thai Kratom Powder
Red Vietnam Kratom Powder
Green Vein Powder
Green Bali Kratom Powder
Green Borneo Kratom Powder
Green Malay Kratom Powder
Green Sumatra Kratom Powder
Green Vietnam Kratom Powder
White Vein Powder
White Bali Kratom Powder
White Borneo Kratom Powder
White Malay Kratom Powder
White Sumatra Kratom Powder
White Vietnam Kratom Powder
Specialty Powder
Make Your Own Enhanced Blend 1KG – 2.2+% Alkaloid
Make Your Own Enhanced Blend 400g – 2.2+% Alkaloid
Free Kratom Powder Sample 5g
Kratom Sample Combo Pack
Kratom Variety Combo Pack
Elephant Kratom Powder
Super Green Kratom Powder
Bentuangie Kratom Powder

  • Kratom Extracts:

All the kratom extracts commercialized by The Evergreen Tree are made from pure leaf powder; the extracts are based with alcohol/ethanol or water. They offer different concentrations ranging between 10x and 50x, some are smoothed to look like powder and some come in crystal form. All extracts are tested by a 3rd party lab with test certificates which you can find online.

Quality & Safety

We consider The Evergreen Tree to be one of the safest online kratom stores out there; they understand the importance of kratom lab testing that is why you will be able to find their lab testing results on their website. They do 3 types of kratom lab testing, biological, heavy metal & Alkaloid/Lactone identification; you will also find 3 detailed explanations of nickel & alkaloid levels. Last but not least all their products are packed in pharma-grade packaging in order to ensure the conservation of all properties.


The Evergreen Tree is one of the finest Kratom stores in the market. It works only with top quality products and provides you with all the 3rd party lab results. Their years of experience in the kratom industry, high-quality products and top notch customer service, make The Evergreen Tree a truly reliable kratom website with amazing deals.