The Golden Monk Review – Is “The Monk” Worth It?

The Golden Monk


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Kratom has increasingly become an important part of the daily routine for many. It has become a popular way of treating many ailments the natural way. Heck, some of us even go as far as to replace their everyday morning cup of coffee with a bit of kratom.

Now as with any other growing market, as the demand for products surges, more and more vendors and producers of this product come online and start offering their stocks. As of 2020 there is literally hundreds of kratom sellers out there. Which of these are reliable? Which of these offer a high quality product?

The Golden Monk kratom is a top supplier of kratom and is one of the highly recognised online kratom brands. Ttheir beginnings were difficult like in any other case. They started off as relatively small company in 2016 in Canada. However, they’ve managed to grow through the ranks since then, and are currently based in Las Vegas serving the U.S. market primarily.

Packaging & customer satisfaction

As with other characters brands The Golden Monk also offers many different strains and packaging types in which you can purchase kratom from them. Each product is accompanied with detailed pictures and very granular product descriptions … and quite a lot of customer reviews. It’s always good to see customers engage with the product and it shows that there is reciprocity from the customer. This is usually a good indication of customer satisfaction and good customer service.

Oh, did we mention that most of the reviews are positive? 🙂 Customers also collect points for their purchase which is a neat feature.

Lab tested kratom

What’s more, every product is accompanied with a seal of guarantee and a link to their lab test results which we find very trustworthy indeed. The lab results are verified by an American Kratom Association GMP audit. This is an incredibly important signature of brand reliability.

Kraom strains

Asquith the strains golden monk offers the usual suspect –  Red vein, Green vein, White vein, Maeng da. You can purchase these either packaged (different quantities) or in capsules. The quantities vary anywhere from 250 g to 1000 g. 


To sum up the Golden kratom is without a doubt one of the best kratom brands we have come across online (only rivalled by Mitragaia in terms of product quality). When you purchase the Golden Monk kratom you can be sure that you are getting the most quality product available online at a very reasonable price. Given the fact that you can also grab a 10% off discount code from our site, the Golden monk kratom quickly becomes not only a high quality solution but also a very economic purchase.