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Luxembourg takes a step forward to make cannabis completely legal

Luxembourg is taking a big step forward to become the first European country to make cannabis completely legal. Prime Minister Xavier Bettel recently confirmed plans to completely legalise the consumption and production of cannabis. This would make Luxembourg the first EU country to officially legalise cannabis. Europe definitely has a booming cannabis industry and the… read more »

European Countries Move Towards Decriminalization/Legalization of Cannabis

The European landscape is definitely moving towards decriminalization & legalization of cannabis. In the last few years many countries in the EU decided to reduce their penalties for cannabis users and some of them have even started permitting the supply of cannabis for recreational and not just medical use. However it will take one of… read more »

CBD shops everywhere, but concerns about quality & consumer education persist

CBD, for the uninitiated, is short for cannabidiol, a compound found in hemp plants that plugs into animals’ and humans’ endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system has receptors tied into your body’s organs and systems and can help adjust your “biological harmony” in response to problems. In plain language, that means CBD products can help people… read more »

Is CBD Legal in the Hawaiian Islands?

In short, whether CBD is legal in the Islands of Aloha depends on its origin. CBD can be obtained from both industrial hemp and marijuana. The difference between these two types of CBD is that the marijuana-derived CBD has a higher percentage of THC, whereas the hemp-derived CBD contains THC only in traces. If you… read more »

How To Know Which CBD Product Is Right For You in 2019?

During the last couple of years, CBD (Cannabidiol) has started appearing everywhere. Not only is it becoming the norm to find CBD infused into smoothies served at trendy juice stops and health stores, but it’s also used in skincare. The next big thing is for it to make its way into our medicines, especially those… read more »

Florida: CBD hemp products on their way with new law

Florida consumers soon could see something similar to the famous “Fresh from Florida” logo on CBD hemp products made in the state, where hemp becomes legal July 1. Gov. Ron De Santis signed legislation late Tuesday that legalizes state-licensed hemp farming and sales in Florida. South Florida CBD makers say the law will both weed… read more »

Study finds CBD effective in treating heroin addiction

Cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive ingredient in hemp and marijuana, could treat opioid addiction, a new study says. Given to patients with heroin addiction, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, reduced their cravings for the illicit drug as well as their levels of anxiety. “The intense craving is what drives the drug use,” said Yasmin Hurd, the lead researcher on the study… read more »

Can You Pack CBD Products In Your Carry-On Bag?

If you consider yourself an anxious flyer, you probably have your own special tricks that you know will calm you down in a moment of bad turbulence or last-minute travel changes. Maybe that includes drinking a glass of wine on a flight, crying to a bad movie, doing a face mask, or popping a few CBD gummies. Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is… read more »