Flying With Hemp-Derived CBD Products Remains Controversial

Medical marijuana and hemp derived cbd products continue to surge in popularity in many countries & states, recreational and medical marijuana is already legal in many states but traveling with some of these products remains controversial. Despite regulations, travelling with weed and cbd oil can still be tricky. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) which is… read more »

CBD essential to treat anxiety & stress caused by Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The whole world is facing a difficult situation fighting against the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, many countries have already declared the “state of alarm” restricting the free movement of people and maintaining their population at home in order to slow down the spread of this contagious disease. As a result of this situation we are facing… read more »

FDA acknowledges the potential opportunities of cannabis-derived CBD Products

In recent years the development of therapies and other consumer products derived from cannabidiol (CBD) has increased exponentially. Public interest in CBD based health products has boomed more than any other health products in the market. Even the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Administration FDA has recently recognized the various opportunities that cannabis-derived compounds may… read more »

Cannabidiol (CBD) popularity si booming online

Cannabidiol also known as CBD is experiencing a boom in online popularity, people are curious about the benefits of this non-intoxicating cannabis derivate. Researches show that online interest in cbd is currently equally ore more popular than any other health product in the market. CBD is definitely a trending topic online and google searches show… read more »

Cannabis Lounges May Become The Bars & Taverns Of The Future

The Cannabis industry is developing at an incredible speed. With the legalization of recreational marijuana and the popularization of its consumption the need for more spaces to actually consume this product is rapidly increasing. Actually there are still few places where people can consume cannabis outside their homes without risks; therefore there is a need… read more »