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Creator of Jelly Belly releases CBD-infused jelly beans

A new candy has hit the market, and it’s not your typical chocolate confection or gummy — it’s CBD-infused jelly beans. The man behind the famous Jelly Belly jelly beans, David Klein, started Spectrum Confections , which is home to 38-flavor gourmet jelly beans that are infused with CBD. The website shows that each jelly bean has… read more »

U.S. Bank Subsidiary Pulls Out of CBD Industry

Brian Baum was pulling up to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on March 19 when he got an email alert: His merchant services account had been terminated. The CEO of hemp-derived CBD product manufacturer Cannovia tells Cannabis Business Times that Evalon’s abrupt message forced him and his team into damage-control mode. They weren’t alone. “Fortunately, the industry itself—CBD and the… read more »

This anxiety-reducing CBD oil is on sale for 45% off

Stress is no joke: feeling anxious on a regular basis can leave you more susceptible to colds, affect your mood and motivation, and make it harder to fall asleep at night. Taking care of yourself with proper diet and regular exercise can help mitigate the effects of stress, but you might still need a boost… read more »

CVS Ignores DEA, Says It’s Already Selling CBD Products

The US Drug Enforcement Administration may still consider CBD an illegal, Schedule I drug, but the national drugstore chain CVS apparently disagrees. America’s largest drugstore retailer confirmed earlier this week that it’s selling CBD products in at least eight states and will soon carry CBD products from Curaleaf. Those states include Alabama, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky,… read more »

This Whole CBD Thing Has Officially Gone Too Far

These days, CBD is so ubiquitous that there’s a good chance you’re eating some right now without even meaning to. What was once a secret of homeopathic medicine — a natural, nonpsychoactive way to alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy and cancer treatment — is now a darling of the wellness world, which is why CBD shows… read more »