CBD naturally eases storm anxiety in pets

After an extremely rough winter, Kansas Citians are welcoming Spring with open arms. Unfortunately, the warmer weather can also trigger some of the most severe weather events such as tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and hail storms. While we humans know how to prepare for and respond to such events, our pets don’t understand what’s going on and can experience debilitating – and often lasting – anxiety as a result. In fact, according to Pet Health Pharmacy, dogs can develop a variety of psychological conditions, including phobias like canine storm anxiety. Many pet owners are turning to CBD to help.

Just like for humans, anxiety can be a crippling condition for pets. Watching our pets suffer with anxiety is distressing, yet there are safe solutions. If you’ve tried anxiety-reducing methods such as “thundershirts” without much luck, studies have shown that CBD is another safe and effective treatment for anxiety and phobias (among other things) in pets. CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a hemp-derived supplement that helps support a healthy endocannabinoid system. All mammals have this system which plays a crucial role in regulating our physiology, mood, and everyday experience.

CBD is gaining in popularity around the area. Kansas City’s own Phoenix Natural Wellness is the area’s only CBD superstore, carrying a wide variety of high-quality (THC-free) CBD brands and products from around the country. Phoenix’s founders, Brian and Susan Pitts, noticed an increase in sales of pet products last Spring and Summer.

Phoenix Natural Wellness is a KC-based company and the area’s only CBD superstore with four locations: two in Overland Park, one in Ottawa, one in Lenexa, and a new store about to open in Belton. We carefully select from the highest quality products on the CBD market and offer the largest selection in town, from tinctures and water soluble CBD to edibles, vapes, creams, lotions, bath bombs and more. Brian and Susan Pitts discovered the life-changing benefits of CBD after witnessing the impact it had on their son with epilepsy and their daughter with autism.

CBD is one of the many cannabinoid molecules produced by cannabis. CBD stands out from other cannabinoids because it is both non-psychoactive (unlike THC) and has a broad range of medical applications, including pain relief, reduced inflammation and anxiety. Our CBD is hemp-derived and 100% THC-free.

Source: https://shawneemissionpost.com/2019/03/25/cbd-naturally-eases-storm-anxiety-in-pets-77821