First Ultramarathon Athlete to Sign Hemp Oil Endorsement

Functional Remedies, the only award-winning and vertically-integrated manufacturer of whole-plant hemp oil products, announced its partnership with ultramarathon runner Jonathan Van Dyke. Van Dyke will serve as a brand ambassador for Functional Remedies and their many hemp oil products. Jonathan and many distance runners utilize Functional Remedies hemp oil products to enhance their rigorous training regimens and support recovery.

“We are excited to have Jonathan Van Dyke join team Functional Remedies as the first ultramarathon athlete to sign a hemp oil endorsement,” stated Functional Remedies CMO Tony Tomassini. “Such an intense sport requires a well-balanced and effective recovery process. We’re proud Van Dyke added our incredibly efficacious hemp oil into his training routine, and we look forward to watching him go after national records.”

“I use EndoSport hemp oil for two reasons; one is to enhance my ability to train and the other is to recover from my training and competitions,” said Van Dyke. “Running long distance is no joke. It takes a lot of mental and physical endurance. My body has to be in top shape.”

Van Dyke started running ultramarathon races in 2015 and has consistently improved to be among the upper echelon competitors. Jonathan is currently preparing for the upcoming Quad Rock 50, a 50-mile run, at Fort Collins, Colorado on May 11, 2019.